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Impeartrice, DianaHuman Resources Director/Deputy City Clerk Human Resources(805) 946-1712
Burkhart, David Engineer Engineering(805) 824-0895
Holmgren, Tim City Council Member City Council(805) 524-3701 ext. 305
Lee, Geraldine Parks and Recreation CommissionerParks & Recreation (805) 524-3701
Rowlands, David City Manager Administration(805) 524-3701
Nielson, Paul Film Commissioner Film Commissioner(805) 524-3701
McCall, DianeCity Council Member City Council(805) 524-1500 ext. 301
Latshaw, Julie Administrative Assistant Administration(805) 524-1500 ext. 234
Gurrola, Keith Fire Chief Fire(805) 524-1500 ext. 226
Virto, Patty Finance TechnicianFinance(805) 524-1500 ext. 137
Felix, Rosa Finance TechnicianFinance(805) 524-1500 ext. 136
Godfrey, ShannonFiscal Assistant IIFinance(805) 524-1500 ext. 134
Koroknay, Michael Building Inspector Building & Safety (805) 524-1500 ext. 114
Ebell, Ines Planning/Building TechnicianPlanning(805) 524-1500 ext. 113
Macaluso, Maura Senior PlannerPlanning(805) 524-1500 ext. 111
Smallwood, David Public Works Supervisor Public Works Sup.(805) 207-7792